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Our free of cost webinars for contract manbagement
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best practice examples and ideas for your daily business!

Interactive and personal

The objective is: To contact you and to provide you with needed information quickly. The DiALOG interactive webinars offers compact information in a modern format. Easy to reach, flexible sessions with an optimum cost-benefit ratio.

Our offer:

  • Web session (dial in by telephone/video conference) of 60 minutes on technical subjects

Your advantage:

  • No travel time
  • Interesting, brief subjects can be used in a flexible manner
  • Discussions with experts about your requirements

This is what the enthusiastic participants say:

  • "Informative and very competent: the experts of TQG know what they are talking about!"
  • "Concise and to the point!"
  • "Up-to-date and solution-oriented - definitely recommended!"
  • "A small time investment for us - but an important step to a successful project. A real insiders' tip!"
  • "The perfect balance between information and exchange of experiences."

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