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How can contract management be understood as project management?

There are smart solutions and approaches that are described in EIM as a method and will evolve along with the challenges. It is important that departments as "owner" of the contracts and their own processes, get rid of the dogma that the IT solution will solve all problems by itself. Rather, it's about not having the process developed by IT alone, but about developing it structuredly together with IT. Common sense lets you realize that initially the

  • Capture - phase for describing and recognizing the actual state
  • Discover - phase to define the objectives and potentials
  • Improve - phase with argumentation and describing the process model
  • Score - phase as strategic reasoning and measurability of future processes

are necessary.

Using such methodology, also called OPH - organizational and procedural handbook - you will be able to convince your organization with

  • Measurability of steps and changes according to a CIP
  • Sustainable documentation of processes and procedures actually put into pratice in the departments
  • Implementation of projects according to the principle "InTime, InQuality, InBudget"
  • Modern contract management can be implemented with the consulting methodology OPH and the contract management software Product Suite LCM!

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