30 Years TQG

"Quality - Compliance - Values" need more attention – and we gladly take care of it!

For us, there is probably no better time to launch a "values" or "image" campaign than now. On one hand, we are all influenced by the challenges and dynamics in society, such as the transition to digitalisation, the requirements of transformation or for ever more agility. On the other hand, we were happy to celebrate an anniversary in December 2015 that is both a cause for pride and, at the same time, something that drives us forwards - 30 years of TQG. Overall, a perfect opportunity to renew and live up to our aspirations and values.

Preferably, of course, with a new "outfit", because, as they say "Clothes make the man". We're taking that on board and underscoring this with our new theme campaign "Values ​​for Success".

We thank the customers, partners and companions we have had over the many years. And, at the same time, we are renewing our commitment to being a reliable, competent and values-orientated partner for everyone who wants to take advantage of our products and services. 

"Values ​​for Success" - theme campaign

"Eyes open and ears pricked up" - we used to say, not so long ago. Today we package that all up in small "thinking examples", which target situations and challenges from everyday life, which, at the same time, describe aspirations for the future. We are guided by the phrase "analyse the past - accept the present - shape the future".

We will be delighted if our "theme campaign" also resonates with everyday situations and challenges that you recognise in your organisations, that you might be able to have a chuckle about or even find familiar. We, most certainly - we will have our performance measured by it - by you! And we are already looking forward to more ideas and themes for you to discover and to post.

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