The Quality Group

The Quality Group is one of the leading providers of companywide and future orientated consulting and solutions for the optimization and structuring of business processes, information, documentation and responsibilities. TQG businessApp platform LCM is the leading standardized solution for the requirements of future orientated companies in compliance, agility and risk reduction, in keeping with Enterprise Information Management (EIM).

More than 100 employees offer our service portfolio in a customer orientated manner at two locations, with a regional approach to supporting our users, customers and partners. Our constantly growing team consists of experienced consultants, process advisors and developers at our headquarters in Böblingen, in south-west Germany, and our site in Hamburg, in northern Germany.

30 Jahre TQG

"Quality - Compliance - Values" need more attention – and we gladly take care of it!

For us, there is probably no better time to launch a "values" or "image" campaign than now. On one hand, we are all influenced by the challenges and dynamics in society, such as the transition to digitalisation, the requirements of transformation or for ever more agility. On the other hand, we were happy to celebrate an anniversary in December 2015 that is both a cause for pride and, at the same time, something that drives us forwards - 30 years of TQG. Overall, a perfect opportunity to renew and live up to our aspirations and values.


Our areas of competency

"EIM is communication" - appropriately customer orientated, our service and product portfolio is aimed at company and process analysis, based on our "Organization and Process Handbook" (OPH) method. Our solid project planning skills, in accordance with PRINCE2 and based on the principle of "InTime, InQuality, InBudget“, as well as a modular standard TQG businessApp platform LCM for Enterprise Information Management, are our building blocks for your success.

Advisory & Consulting

  • Business process and potential analysis in administrative organizational units
  • Business Process Management (BPM) analyses
  • Compliance consulting for the introduction and optimization of a CMS

TQG businessApp platform.

  • Enterprise Information Management (EIM)
  • Contract Management
  • Compliance Excellence
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Document Management (DMS)
  • Records Management

Basis for success

  • Business and process consulting
  • Project planning management using PRINCE2 and others
  • Assistance during the going live phase
  • Service/support competencies (tracking, hotline, etc.)


Our vision

The satisfaction of our customers, measured by the quality and the guaranteed reliability of our services, is our greatest driving factor in improving our products and market presence. We are committed to operating in accordance with the principles of corporate compliance.


Our corporate culture

The Quality Group seeks to meet the challenges of quickly growing and flexible requirements within the organization. We see the change management process as a chance for improving the way we do business.

Openness, an atmosphere of constructive debate and transparency are seen by the employees at TQG as the principles for lasting and successful relationships, both amongst themselves and with our customers.

Conforming with our own rules and accepting norms is something that we regularly monitor, producing transparent ways for all participants to reach their potential and form decision-making criteria.

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